Thursday, April 11, 2019

Manthena Damodara Chary writes


My wondrous words carve your sculpture
My brush of emotion paints your picture
Your buoyant blush enriches your rapture
My dancing dreams weave your structure

Elegance in enormity is ecstasy in eternity
Endurance in clarity is eminence in plenty
Eloquence in charm is emergence in purity
Existence in reality is the essence in vitality

Loveliness speaks volumes of liveliness
Living in loveliness leads to cheerfulness
Stressful thinking strains our sprightliness
Let us live with tremendous togetherness

Splendid smiles symbolise sincerity
Genuine joy is the source of longevity
Wealth of wisdom indicates cordiality
Nobility of mind signifies magnanimity
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Semangat Kebersamaan (The Spirit of Togetherness) -- Nurkania Ismono

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