Saturday, April 20, 2019

Pramila Khadun,

For no reason

For no reason, I feel I can touch
The capitalized presence of the stars,
So beautifully scattered in the blue sky.
I will talk to them, reminiscing my childhood days
When the pink lollipop made my lips pink.

For no reason, I feel I can touch
The waves of the sea, the fathomless depths,
Just like the brush touches the canvas,
Where blue reigns supreme,
Where mythical half-women
Caress the dolphins filling their hearts
With delights myriad, a transcendence sublime.

For no reason, I feel I can touch the Himalayas,
Immortalize them, eulogize them, embrace them,
To recycle my mind, throwing out the debris,
A rationale for my visit,
Where the wind blows with neither fret nor fear
And the fragrance of pine cones
Pervades the air as sweetly as the moonbeams
Kiss the soft ripples of the lake water.

For no reason, I want to touch your heart,
While you tap your feet
To the rhythm of your harmonica
While the beautiful raindrops
Pitter-patter against the window panes
And I enter your room, all wet, rain drenched
And my naked body unfolds its beauties
Gradually to your naked eyes,
Naked heart, naked soul
And naked body.
Painting (Picture) : Dolphin and mermaid
Dolphin and Mermaid --  Vladimir Simakov

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