Sunday, August 19, 2018

Timothy Spearman writes

Have you noticed how so-called higher education institutes are requiring students to have the most current books on their reading lists and on their sources cited page? I find this extremely disturbing, especially when many of the classic secondary sources in various fields are from the former century or even the 19th century or before. I can think of many classic books of Shakespeare criticism by Baconian scholars that are over a century old, yet they unlock and decode many of the mysteries of Shakespeare, and are better researched and better written than many research books on the Bard today. It is a tragedy to see these master works going out of print or being erased from the archives altogether. I guess Winston is working overtime in the records department of the Ministry of Truth because a world class institute of so-called higher education just binned a whole slew of books that were deemed to be too old and therefore worthless. Why this ageism prejudice? Why is anything over five years old referred to as ‘old’ as if it were some relic excavated from Jurassic Park? Even films that are over five years old are called ‘old’. What’s wrong with old? We used to refer to them as the golden oldies. People used to love old black-and-white classics. Some still do. But then I guess if you are brainwashing the current generation with the latest social engineering programs in the most up-to-date ideological boot camps, Winston has to work overtime to erase any vestige of the past, so that those living in the current dystopia have nothing to compare it to and would never recognize it for the living hell it purports not to be.

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