Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rik George writes

The Boy

“Where has he gone, the boy who clapped 

his hands to the robin’s song and marveled 
to see the squirrels rear, rigid, 
to reconnoiter the park with fierce
black eyes before they buried their nuts? 
That boy dreamed bright dreams and planned 
great deeds. I wonder, did he ever 
wander the woods with wolves his companions? 
Did he dance with dappled dolphins 
or run between the glittering stars?” 
“He boxed his dreams in workday tissues 
and put the boxes in his heart’s attic, 
took up the world of everyday 
and withered away among accountants.”
Image result for boy and wolves paintings
Wolf Boy -- Clive Hicks-Jenkins 

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  1. Rudyard Kipling introduced Mowgli (as an adult) in the short story "In the Rukh," where it is revealed that he was raised in the jungle by wolves. In "The Jungle Book" (1894) and "The Second Jungle Book" (1895) Kipling chronicled Mowgli's childhood and eventual acceptance of his human identity. In 1899 Kipling wrote "The Jungle Play" but it was never produced on stage and remained unpublished until 2000.


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