Friday, August 24, 2018

Scott Simmons writes

A Comedian Lost In a Joke

Underneath all of my constant obscenities there is a single message.
And that is simply I care about you.

Although I can seldom say it out loud so I just deflect it instead.
Only my hands can truly express my inner thoughts.

Behind all of the laughter there are so many different tears.

A part of me draws you closer to me but I still can’t help pushing you away.

I’m far more shy than I’ll ever allow myself to admit.
But you are as beautiful tonight as I am stoned my dear.

After years I learned to stop being human and to suppress most of my passions.

I exist but I live only in a few moments during this constant haze.
And I’m trapped only in a prison of my own mind.

There are no words that can be spoken to tell another soul just what I feel.
But this page will just have to suffice.
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 Stand Up Comedian -- Gresham Nyaude

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