Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ahmad Al-Khatat writes

Death Ash
(A poem to Guatemala victims of the volcano)

I can not forget her watery eyes
When a Guatemalan woman was
About to cry feeling miserable
Like the melting fire on the edge
Of volcano on a sunday morning

Lower middle class families
Faced death ash and not his
Funeral as if sunday prayers
Were not presented to God
therefore, the devil won again

Uncooked food untouched
Was on the broken table
No joys nor beauty but the
Fragrance of dead souls
Of young to old ages

Toys were abandoned
No more kids laughters
Blue skies were odd
As if the sun burst
The clouds into flames
The birds call names, the
Rivers seek barefoots, the
seeds ask the dry leaves
For a few drops of water
From the cut branches

A few survived the volcano
They felt as they were in a
Different village and not their
Own and cried for finding only
Ashes and not recognizing them
 Fuego Volcano -- neritron

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  1. Fittingly, "fuego" is "fire" in Spanish. Volcán de Fuego (or, in Mayan, Chi'gag -- "where the fire is") is 16 km (9.0 mi) from Antigua, Guatemala, is almost constantly active at a low level. Since 2002 it has entered a more active phase, with small gas and ash eruptions every 15-20 minutes and larger episodes every month or so. On 3 June 2018 a lahar (a violent flow of mud or debris) suddenly changed direction, burying El Rodeo, San Miguel Los Lotes, and Alotenango ("in the wall of the parrots") and killing at least 114 people; 192 are still missing. Due to the intense heat of the lahar, victims were unrecognizable. Up to 9 explosions per hour continued for days.


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