Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rahul Mitra writes

She is a Woman

She is a daughter, she is a mother, she gives birth, but do we know her worth?
She is a doctor, she is an engineer,
She feeds her child, then why are we so wild?
She is a wife, she is a lover,
She has tears in her eyes, do we even realise?
She is an astronaut, she is a teacher,
She is so strong, then why are we so wrong?
She is a lawyer, she is a nurse,
She has a soft heart, why can’t we get smart?
She is a politician, she is a judge,
She can handle all the finances, then why can’t we sort our differences?
She is a princess, she is a queen,
She can make us all princes and kings, why don’t we give her the wings?
She is a dancer, she is a painter,
She has got a creative mind, but why are we so blind?
She is a girl, she is a woman,
She can rule the world with freedom and bravery, then why do we have to take dowry?
She is a pearl, she is a treasure,
She has got emotions and desires, then why do we burn her into dark fires?


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