Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Gita Janaki writes


The sky won't come down,
if two women fall in love.
It has all those lesbian clouds up there
to take care of and the hell of a sun.
Physiology is not disturbed when
two pairs of voluptuous boobs
struggle for an embrace,
nor is anatomy put in distress
when two vaginas get excited.
Lips are lips and a kiss a kiss,
you never know the gender of it.
They can swing together on their moods,
divert weird thoughts and dreams.
They may swim the sea of pain,
by floating paper boats in menstrual blood.
Staying close when life starts sagging,
they become props, lifting each other upright.
Life becomes different when two women love.
Love becomes more lovable and more lovable.
Two Women Kissing -- Peter Behrens

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