Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sunita Paul writes

All in the Name of Love

We smiled
Eyes spoke in silence
We laughed
Till tears flowed in a real sense.

We held hands
And walked down memory lanes
We kissed each other
Shared all happiness and pains.

We embraced in each other's arms
Your tender caresses
I could hear your heart beat
When I lay on your chest with my open tresses.

Our eyes got lost in each other's
When your lips locked in mine
Those passionate smooches
My love life used to shine.

Our love making was a treasure to me
It was so pure and true
We fought and made up again
As the days passed through

In our own small world 
All we did was in the name of love
We were meant to be always together
Because it is a boon from heaven above.

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