Monday, August 27, 2018

Scott Thomas Outlar writes

Sneaky Syndrome  

Nuclear drip drop
from the top floor/with a
leaky valve syndrome
sucking out the radiation
to kiss kiss all the dolphins
until they’re schooled/
coming unglued/screwed
tight into a can of tuna
poisoned with mercury symptoms
to help us slowly forget
(cognitive dissonance)
all the mistakes
that have taken the (shaky) situation
up close to the edge
(looking over the ledge)
hanging on by a thread/
collapse immanent/mutation
in the rearview
is sneaking up fast
with corrupted DNA
being the gift
that will keep on giving for most…
though a third eye birth
will arrive for some/to see the light/
solar charged
with free energy awareness
to help sort through the mangled chaos
and crash evolution
headfirst into a future
that is screaming as a siren
from the far side
for someone to pull the trigger
mirror-dfjw-2018-mutation-4-2mirror-dfjw-2018-mutation - Copy (3)mirror-dfjw-2018-mutation - Copy (2)
mirror-dfjw-2018-mutationmirror-dfjw-2018-mutation - Copy

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