Thursday, August 30, 2018

SchiZ (Lee-Ann Azzopardi) writes

Anderson CCCXI
Let me dream about Venice
In a gondola, making love to you
As the Venetian doors close with
Pictures of nuns crawling towards us
On top of flowers
Let me follow you to New York City
Where we dance in gown and tuxedo
Drinking Canada Dry in celebration of the New Year
I would chase you all around the world
If I could
But you're so far away in the stars
That, sometimes, the sadness overwhelms me
Knowing of the impossible doesn't always get fulfilled
However, maybe you will read one of my poems
And try to find me
To say thanks for the words; they have touched yr soul
Smiling. you kiss my cheek
As you would walk away
Giving me a reason to feel warm in the heart
For I actually met my forever muse.
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Gondola Rides -- Elizabeth Elkin

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  1. In 1890, Canadian pharmacist John J. McLaughlin opened a carbonated water plant in Toronto. In 1904 he created "Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale;" since it was far less sweet than other ginger ales then available he labelled it "dry" (as in a dry wine). Three years later the drink was appointed to the Viceregal Household of the governor general of Canada, and the label featuring a beaver atop a map of Canada was replaced with the present crown and shield. Its popularity as a mixer began in the 1920s, during Prohibition in the US when it was illegal to make liquor, since the product's flavor helped mask the taste of homemade liquor.


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