Friday, August 17, 2018

Heather Jephcott writes

They Are Looking

They are looking
searching for the one,
the one and only.
Their hearts are open 
listening, watching
hoping that one day soon
they will meet this one.

There are many who know this one
who could go and tell these seekers all about
how to know this one, this only one
but fear
causing those who know
to keep away
to keep the secrets to themselves
to not go
to refrain from relating closely.

But those who desire to know
keep on looking, searching
seeking for the truth,
desiring to be set free
from all that weighs heavy on their souls
aching to know and understand the peace
that He, the one, the one and only, can give.

As they look and keep on looking,
He comes to them
in dreams and visions
revealing Himself
as the one and only one.
They have no doubts that it is He.
No other comes like He does.
No other has the gifts to give.

Everyone who seeks will find
even if those who know
stay away.
Image result for christ in silence paintings  
Le Christ du silence -- Odilon Redon

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