Tuesday, August 28, 2018

John D Robinson writes


As we pulled up at the
cross-section, we both
looked left to see two
males, mid 30’s,
standing on the street
corner, embracing
and kissing
each other on the lips:
my wife started
‘I know one of those
guys’ I said
‘Which one?’ she
‘The shorter one, he’s
the eldest son’s of
gypsy Henry’
‘He’s gay then?’ she
‘Not really’ I answered:
‘What do you mean?’
she said:
‘About a year ago he
was living with a
woman and they had a
baby girl: his partner
starts having an affair with
some guy, he finds out
all about this and he begins
having an affair with the
same fellow who's
cheating with his partner
and it all ended very
messy and complicated
but he told me one
time, that ‘I don’t think
of myself as heterosexual,
gay or bisexual, I’m
simply not fussy’.

Gabriel Grun - Empty Kingdom - Art Blog
Nari Asva -- Gabriel Grün

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  1. “Nari Asva” was inspired by the shepherdesses who took the form of a horse upon which Krishna rode.


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