Monday, December 14, 2015

Soulistic Poet writes

Lucky Number 7

Welcome to Vegas! 
Step forward,
Pick a table
Have a seat,
Split the deck.
Drinks on the house,
As long as you keep gambling,
Be ready to risk all you have on this game of love.

Good Luck!

The buy in price is honesty (1).
So go ahead,
What are you looking for?
Are in you this to play one hand,
Or are you playing for the jackpot of love?
Do you plan on playing a few rounds,
Test your luck,
See if you can get a few wins,
And then leave before you get to win love?
What are your intentions?
Playing the game just for fun,
Does it matter or not if you win or lose?
Do you feel you have anything to lose?
Are you willing to go all in,
Or are you planning on playing it safe,
And leave when the stakes become too high?
Honesty gets you in the game,
So be sure to be truthful.

Trust (2) is the big blind.
You are required to trust every once in a while,
Even when you don’t know what is going to happen.
There will come a time when you have to go out on faith,
And place your trust on the table.
Your trust may result you in winning the pot of faithfulness,
Or you might get screwed by the forced gamble,
End up losing your trust,
In exchange for betrayal.
But remember,
That’s just one hand,
And if you are after the jackpot,
A loss is all just a part of the game.
But I encourage you to be brave,
Because as the game goes on
The time will come
When you will have to trust again.

The small blind is communication (3).
Just when you think you’ve placed enough,
In the big blind of trust,
Next hand you are required to place down communication.
That’s not all.
If you want to see the “turn”,
You are required to add on acceptance (4).
Communication only gets you your cards,
Acceptance is what allows you to bet,
It’s what allows you to continue the game,
And see what may come next.
It is one thing to communicate,
It’s another to accept what you hear,
Accept how you feel,
And then communicate back those feelings,
If you are in this game for the jackpot of love,
The small blind and its companion,
Must be laid on the table.

This is the part of the game,
That separates to the boys from the men.
Boys are afraid so they will “check” their way through the game.
But a man…A man will not just bet,
He will “raise”.
He will see all that is already in the pot,
And raise you Financial Security (5).
A man understands the number one cause of divorce is money.
In order to win the jackpot he will show he’s ready financially.
He will maintain a steady job,
Pay at least half the bills,
He will secure his bet
With stocks and bonds.
A real man,
He plays to win.

Now here comes the big play,
Every once in a while you have to go all in.
Matching the blind keeps you in the game,
Raising shows you aren’t afraid,
But if you are in to win,
You have re-raise.
Re-raise Support (6),
And call with Good Sex (7).
Put everything you have on the table,
Play as if you have a royal flush,
Even when only holding a pair of twos.
Sometimes a good bluff
Leads to the competitors’ withdrawal,
Leaving you to claim the prize of love.

Welcome to Vegas!
This is a game of love,
And if you are looking to win the jackpot,
Just remember the rules of Lucky Number 7.

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