Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes


A world I search apart of crowd 

Go down to the depth of stream
The Sunbeam's call I listen
Full of green flavor I dream
Millions  of smiles from everyone's heart I wish and bring
Gather aromatic petals on the way
Blissfully in the fragrance I sway
In the texture of green moss I long deeply to dwell
Alone float like clouds
A world I search a part of crowd

In the infinite space I wish to stretch my arms
Answer all the questions asked
By soul in calm
Divinely share my tears with green despair
All desolate hours I delve in
All solitude I reap for my intense union

In the thickest layer of darkness
Put the colours of sunrise glow
New alphabets I collect from moon and stars
Compose a poetry beyond mortal odour
In every dying hour I concentrate on it
Pull me to the depth of green
Feel the excitement of spring

Countless desires often disturb me
Bake my body with the spice of lust
Fix the thoughts with immoral dusts
But I come back with a world a part of crowd

Write the inscription of my style
In my thoughts
Hang all alone like rainbow clouds

Like an innocent child
Strip up the cloths of body
Naked my soul fall to it
Go down to the depth of stream

An ageless orchestra bells out
I soar like a bird a part of crowd

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