Monday, December 21, 2015

Kannadasa Dasan writes


Wake up like the morning lotus 
Involve in the pleasant music!
Name and fame are ocean waves 
Keep away from the human noise!

Let knowledge mingle with truth
See gold and iron as the same! 
Let all your actions be worth
Stand straight like a palm tree!

You win yourself to win others
Don’t waste your time in dreams! 
Peace and joy are not in books
Sex and desires are fire and guns!

Let the endless sky be the roof
And this earth be your house! 
Let fruits and greens be your stuff
Let your heart be filled with peace!

Let your power be in your growth
Love is the wealth of this world! 
Let your breath prove your strength
A torch is enough for a short road!

Sorrows are nothing than the fog
All- All in our life come and goes! 
Make this world as a little song
Don’t shed tears for any sort of loss!  

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