Saturday, December 26, 2015

Heather Jephcott writes

The Gift of Christmas

Open up my eyes, dear Lord
and the eyes of those around me,
to see, to truly see
the beauty of the gift
that cannot be surpassed.

Open up my heart, dear Lord
and the hearts of those around me
to feel, to truly feel
the joy of the gift
that has no equal in wonder.

Open up my mind, dear Lord
and the minds of those around me
to understand, truly comprehend
the value of the gift
that cannot be bought.

Open up my spirit, dear Lord
and the spirits of those around me
to receive, then to share
the life of the gift
that cannot be extinguished.

Christmas 2015

A new epoch dawned
dividing history
into before and after.

Grace entered in a new way,
the light of the world,
the creator of the Universe,
to become the one and only Saviour.

The one who had always existed
came into the world he had made
as a human,
born a baby.

The wonder of the event
woke heaven's choirs
a host of angels singing, praising,
but most people were sleeping.

His lowly birth was revealed
to just a few
but these moved as fast as they could
to see this one,
the very special miracle baby.

There has been no other birth
in any way resembling this one.
This is not a made up story
but history, His Story.

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