Monday, December 28, 2015

Hilary D Zamora writes and draws

"The holiday season can be very bipolar. The range of feelings during this time of year are mixed depending on the individual and their circumstances.

There exists the feeling of division, sadness, and loss, which for a lot of people can cause the season to have a negative connotation. On the other hand, there are those who have ultimate happiness; those who have true cause to celebrate, spending time with their family, repeating traditions, and ultimately feeling fulfilled and light-hearted. Lastly, there is a mixed emotion, one of happiness and gratefulness for what one does have, creating new traditions and making the best of what they have, trying their best to push forward even if the loss exists.

However, all of these feelings can exist within oneself. Sometimes the person who seems the most cheerful, is wearing a mask, in an attempt to benefit those around them. Others can't pull off that facade and the sadness shows drastically most of the time. And for those who fall in the middle, those that experience both happiness and sorrow, they are left in limbo. For me personally, I feel a combination of apathy, guilt, pain, and the chore of trying to pull off a positive outlook in order to not let my feelings, my truth, drag those around me down with me".
~Hilary D Zamora

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