Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jake Cosmos Aller writes

Just an Unhinged Lunatic Howling At the Moon

On a moonlit late night  
I sat in a bar 
Drinking drams of demented, fermented dream dew

Just an unhinged lunatic
Dreaming of howling at the full moon

Watching the world walk by
Looking at all the fine looking babes

Walking by the street
Thinking wild, erotic thoughts 
Of endless wild libertine passions

When into the bar
Walked the most beautiful woman 
In the Universe

So wild, so free
So wonderfully alive

I did not know what to do

As this vision of delight
Sauntered through the bar

In a skin tight leather pants
Looked so fine 
That my eyeballs hurt

And finally I had to say something
So I gathered up my manly courage

And walked up to her
And she looked at me

And instantly bewitched my soul
With a devilish grin

I lost all reason
And became a raving lunatic

Unhinged lunatic
Howling at the moon

Foaming at the mouth
A wild, free werewolf

Howling at the lunatic light
Of the full Moon

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