Tuesday, December 29, 2015

chester giles writes

the cricket

there is a cricket which keeps coming into the kitchen at work
i hear him cricking in the morning when we open up
     so loud
its quite amazing.
filling the whole bar with noise
he comes in to sleep when it is closed
he frightens the waitress and pisses off the owner

then goes silent when you step near him
   and starts up again when you move.
i imagine him watching us all through the day
   while we are working,
 laughing to himself
aware of how much sound he can make
how much larger than his self and everything he can become
he is far wiser than i will ever be
 i imagine him slinking off when he has seen enough
 and laughed enough
d it is safe.
all that noise in the morning.
   its quite amazing
it makes me smile to myself.


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