Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Robert Lee Haycock shoots

Lost Slough

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  1. The California Delta is a labyrinth of many sloughs with names like Lost Slough (found in Walnut Grove), Potato Slough, Whites Slough, Snodgrass Slough, Georgiana Slough, and Steamboat Slough. The San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers empty into 2,000 miles of river delta and estuary, which eventually lead to the San Francisco Bay. The delta lies between Sacramento and Stockton. Gunkholing is a favorite local pasttime: Boaters anchor their vessels along hundreds of suitable anchorages, called gunkholes, and enjoy the fishing and scenery. Vine-covered trees, blackberry brambles, and tule grasses appear at almost every turn, and the area teems with wildlife, including the great blue heron, egrets, ducks, and geese.


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