Friday, December 18, 2015

Abel Iseyen Ancientman writes

Gods of the land,
Today by the potency of the
Four winds
I implore you with this kola nut to be the gods
Of good fortunes
Not sanguinary vampires - draining
Blood from our dry veins -
To saturate your wayward bellies
Which respect nor sons nor sundry.
Yes, that you should be the gods of fecundity
Not instigators of commendaces -
Drawing hot tears from our eyes.
Our defenders shouldn't be our offenders!
So today, by the power of a left-over palm wine
We charge you to retreat your steps
And make our land among the equals
Of all good lands...
We truly deserve it
Because a child shouldn't cry
On the back of its mother;
River of life shouldn't turn blood;
Rainfall shouldn't wither crops;
And love shouldn't turn cold
So today, with this animal blood,
I pray that as morning
And night never meet,
And that a river never flow backwards;
May sunlight never turn nightfall
In our lives.


  1. The kola nut, in many West African cultures, is often used ceremonially, presented to chiefs or to guests.

  2. So true sire; you're quite endowed with the rich cultural heritage of Africa.


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