Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jennifer Sage writes

The Muse 

Totally distracted today by luscious memories of the lips of my Muse...

And of mine seeking prizes in the erected flesh awaiting eagerly my slippery, hungry mouth,

Hips squirming, thighs still dripping with our love,

Stomach clenching, smooth and conditioned by your impatient demands of wet silk gushing from my core...but that was before... 

Now impertinence awaits, rocking to and fro in the heart so freely given,

Never mind the lust that rocks the windowpanes, it is the love that’s taken and thrown against some proverbial wall,

I moan incoherently with pleasure and pain,

As my soul falls into the depths of a darkened slumber. 

Do this, do that, be a good little girl and smile...

Recede from your mind, these things that bring tears to your eyes..

“Fuck. That”...I whisper, blushing and ashamed, shaking from hammering heart in chest...

I need an Alpha, that can take me within an inch of my tender life with his appetites, and shout it from the mountaintops after, ‘She is Mine’. 

Shivering I come from baited dreams, awakened....
The bliss of my heart in tact through the unwelcome exchange of the past,
Licking up my thigh, another delicious Muse will arise,

And will make me feel loved....revered....beautiful, as is befitting such a glorified position, offered with love, and broken the same way. 

My soul, passion reigns and cannot be detained in other waking or dreaming tasks, as brash as it may seem at times...

The quivering, scintillating love I body a virtual melting pot of glorious, beautiful devotion,

A deep kiss, my tongue reaching your soul with depths unknown by most humans in this existence, dismissed....

My Muse, is Gone, in my Heart. 

I writhe and groan as fingers touch that spot that buries the world and its burdens,

Flicking ever so gently the little nub that participates in my grandest pleasure, awakening a far different beast than the one that presently consumes....

Back arched, tears fall gently for what could never be,

As the heat rises, fingertips to toes, I’m exposed in each glorious eruption...such a beautiful me, I see, with watered cheeks and blazing eyes. 

A goddess at your fingertips, yet hidden...Why? 
The way a heart stabbed so irrevocably in pain heeds no sensible thoughts, only crushing dreams within heedless moments of despair......
It matters not, the way I moan your name so clear, as if in crystal tones this love for my Muse permeates this world,

Not in vain does it disappear, but indefinitely it does, echoes bouncing off the shattered walls of my heart.

And then, at some point, the light will cast from my eyes again as the fog clears,

All words have been spoken....un-reprimanded, or unnoticed...

I’ll write with quivering hands and shaky breath, because I haven’t the bravery to speak the words aloud nor the ability to not say them at all..a writer must write...

Of love, such a scintillating, beautiful love affair...that could never truly be, with my brilliant, but uncommitted, imaginary Muse. 

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