Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ashi writes

Rain droplets
A rose dipped into fresh rainy droplets fallen from cloud number nine, 
A beauty is blessed by Almighty in the form of tiny pearls of water that seems fine.

Wet red soft velvet petal, so fascinating, mesmerizing, its prettiness at rise,
An exquisite thing fallen from heaven directly, to capture all human eyes.

A gush of air swings the flower; the crystal drop loses its balance and shatters,
Mother earth looks up to quench her thirst and every rain droplet matters.

Yearning for water was assuaged, dehydrated soil released appealing aroma,
More rain drops fell and weather turned pleasant and revived and revitalized.

I am sitting at my window absorbing nature through eyes and music,
My heart is stimulated to nativity of poetry that pours inside the heart’s ground.

I pick my pen and pour soul into my words as nature does through water,
My emotions start raining on paper and a poem is shaped as done by a potter.
 Pottery - Desert Rose Floral vase.


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