Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunil Sharma writes, Robert Maddox-Harle shoots


On the blue bosom of the river

tiny crests created by 
the painting fingers

of a restive Aeolus 
pensive, yet playful
at the same moment;

uneven lines

break and re-form 
on the fluid surface

a motion perpetual 
by the wind and water

being witnessed

by a stationary 
passerby--- a 

in awe of 

the tranquil place 
once, a loved haunt 
of the heathen gods,

re-connects, this scene, a yearning heart 
with the traditions of the "pagans" 
seeking divinity 
in such Grecian sanctuaries

and a global tribe of believers 
----the neo-Hellenic worshipers of nature 
in ugly cities of concrete and polluting vehicles

the fleeting moment 
conjures up

new pathways to profound


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