Wednesday, October 25, 2017

John Sweet writes

the number, diminished

and right here, right now, you are 
losing all of these moments
of your life

think about jackie o, her lap
filled with blood,
sunlight everywhere

think about the women you’ve
loved and the ones who have
loved you, and then look for
points of intersection

listen to the sounds the house makes
after you’ve turned off all the lights
let the ghosts
offer you sugar and milk

watch it spill from
their cupped hands

you will spend your entire life being
stained by the filth of strangers
 Image result for karen finley grassy knoll jackie look painting
 The Grassy Knoll -- Karen Finley

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  1. Jacqueline Bouvier was a 23-year-old photographer for the "Washington Times-Herald" when she met 35-year-old congressman John F. Kennedy at a dinner party and married him in 1953. In 1961 he was inaugurated as US president. As first lady she was known for her glamor and her promotion of the arts. On 22 November 1963 she was riding together with her husband in a motorcade in Houston, Texas, when he was assassinated. After her husband was pronounced dead, she refused to remove her blood-stained pink Chanel suit and matching pillbox hat and regretted having washed the blood off her face and hands, explaining that she wanted "them to see what they have done to Jack." A week later she compared the Kennedy administration to king Arthur's Camelot, as expressed by the Broadway musical musical by Alan Jay Lerner (Kennedy's classmate at Harvard University) and Frederick Loewe, which featured the lines, "Don't let it be forgot / That once there was a spot, / For one brief, shining moment / That was known as Camelot." In 1968 she married 62-year-old Aristotelis Onassis, owner of the world's largest privately owned shipping fleet. As a result she acquired the paparazzi nickname "Jackie O." She died in 1994 at 64.


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