Monday, October 23, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

What Are You Afraid Of? 

I’ve boiled it down to
All destructive traits of kind,
All destructive traits of shape,
Conspicuous or not.
We are afraid of what
We have not got:
Verb or noun,
All its thousand forms and sounds,
Odor-less, colorless;
Body language or words loose,
Worry over what’s not [y]ours -
Fear and self are center – always.

Causes manifold,
Always centered on the self,
It is the place that one ignores,
All the emphasis is on the rest:
All the focus elsewhere.
Once you learn about discernment
(nothing more than cleared perception)
Gone is fear.
Loneliness, bewilderment -
No longer fooled, you’ve evolved.
Fear runs, dissolved;
Gets up and takes its atoms elsewhere.
Once we are prepared to air
The bricks of tricks the ego plays,
Projecting, as ego dictates,
All self-doubts onto all the others -
All that blurs.
Gone the phobias and worries.

Well bound to get up someone’s nose,
How to come up like a rose?
Look up your own snout first,
Bursting into nostrils yours.
It’s all you. The whole is you!
You the source – needless to say, of course!

Not Trump’s shenanigans
Or Kim Jong Un's entanglements,
Must be the puppeteers of fears.
Win out, rise high above.
Live in your sphere, your now and here,
Give out your love.
Be of good cheer, drink your beer;
It guarantees you’ll transcend fear.
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