Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ihlwha Choi writes

The Flesh

My mom’s body
Would be quite decomposed

The breast
Mom’s breast that I suckled and grew up by
Would turn into soil completely

The warm hands 
Serving me meals for a long time 
Also would remain nothing 
No marks of her at all in the world

My mom’s body
All decayed to nothing at last, it
Would turn into wind and water

Would be the sunshine
All over the mountains, rivers, and fields
 Image result for van gogh's last paintings
 Wheatfield with Crows -- Vincent van Gogh


  1. It has been suggested that “Wheatfield with Crows” was the last painting that Vincent van Gogh executed before his suicide, even that it was on his easel at the end.

  2. It seems very meaningful painting. I suppose the contrast between the bright color of the earth and the dark in the sky shows the serious conflict of the artist. -Ihlwha Choi


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