Friday, October 13, 2017

Heather Jephcott writes

Not Pointless

There is good reason...
Living is not pointless...
What I am doing is useful
and will not be lost....

Why do I do what I do?
For whom?
For myself? For others? For God?

What is my basic motivation
for rising each day, for living?
For doing, for thinking, for striving ahead?

What drives me to write, to draw,
to listen, to read,
to try, to try even harder
to practice what I preach?

Is there a positive lure
somewhere out there
or one that whispers from within?

What stimulates my imagination
to reach for the best?
Is it pure selfishness?
Am I only thinking of myself?

Let that never, ever be!

Am I deliberately trying, hoping
to please another?
Is it just me behind all this,
or is there another whose heart
I hope to bring pleasure to?

Do I hope to win someone's "Well done!"?
Am I by faith
working towards a commending that is not useless?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It is for my creator
that I am trying to incite others
provoking them into positive good.
It is for my saviour
that I place my goals along the road
he has marked out
choosing to step out, to travel along this road
marked with suffering.
It is for him, who is foremost in my mind
that I make my study where I can hear the birds
and view what is happening within my home.
It is for him, and because it is for him,
it is for you too. 

 Image result for looking outside painting
 On The Outside Looking In -- Arline Wagner

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