Saturday, October 28, 2017

Santosh Bakaya writes


Section 14

Fairies and elves and pixies and goblins 
And a merry leprechaun chatting with robins.  
Jumping out of the water with sparkling fins 
So madly excited are the frisky dolphins.

Even the monitor lizard on a boulder perched  
Into the happy din, ponderously lurched. 
At the bobolink, it fixed a sinister stare   
Absolutely mesmerized by the bobolink’s hair.

“Here no indiscipline am I going to brook  
It is my siesta time, let me go sleep in a nook. 
But, bobolink, get salon–like wavy locks 
And you, lapwing, stop your endless talk.

Peacock dear, stop strutting around like a model.
And pigeon dearest, when will you stop your yodel?
Lapwing, I don’t like the tonal quality of your voice.
You have no choice, but please make less noise.”

“It is taking its name of a monitor too seriously.”
Whispered a Chinese coot with mischievous glee.
Having delivered the sermon, the lizard slithered 
Towards a tree, unaware of the coot which tittered.

Suddenly towards them hobbled a figure scarved.
He looked like a man starved, out of stone carved. 
Followed by a tall woman wearing a red cape.
“Such figures are a part of the jungle’s landscape.
 Image result for fog paintings
Marsh Fog -- Tony Conner


  1. A leprechaun (leipreachán) is a type of Irish fairy, usually depicted as little bearded man wearing a coat and hat who partakes in mischief, a solitary creature who spends his time making and mending shoes, has a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, In the “Echtra Fergus mac Léti” (Adventure of Fergus son of Léti), rí Ulad (the king of Ulster) was awakened when three lúchorpáin (“little bodies”) tried to drag him into the sea, but he seized them; in exchange for their freedom they granted him three wishes, including the ability to breathe underwater. When the king swam in Loch Rudraige (Dundrum Bay) in Ulster, his encounter with a sea-monster caused his face to be permanently contorted in terror, a condition which would disqualify him from the kingship, but the Ulstermen banned mirrors from his presence to keep him from learning of his deformity. However, seven years later he whipped a serving girl, who retaliated by revealing the truth. Fergus returned to Loch Rudraige and killed the monster in a two-day battle but died of exhaustion.
    Some monitor lizards are only 20 cm (7.9 in) long but may be over 3 m (10 ft). Their genus name (Varanus) is derived from the Semitic root “waran’ (dragon, lizard beast). They got their English name, monitor, due to their occasional habit of standing on their back legs. Although normally solitary, groups as large as 25 are common in ecosystems with limited water resources, in which case the group is called an agency.
    A coot is a small water bird with black feathers and a prominent white patch on its forehead. A group of coots is a cover or covert.

  2. Thanks so much for your enlightening comments,sir .


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