Thursday, October 26, 2017

Glory Sasikala writes


The mountain frowned  
Into the dark 
"I wonder how long he'll take?"

"He'll come! He'll come! 
'fore the turn of clock" 
Assured the tranquil lake.

The little birds chirped 
"Who else do we ask 
If he appearance does not make?"

"No one else can do his task" 
Replied the loyal lake.

The trees worried 
"How do we cook 
If he decides to forsake?"

"Oh, he'll be here 
By hook or crook" 
Replied the soothing lake.

The mountain said, 
"Yours no loss of gains 
By his little mistake."

"That's not true -  
I make the rains" 
Replied the patient lake.

"Hello there!" 
And the Sun rose up 
Rays disbanding in the sky.
Gorgeous splashes  
Of colour lit up 
The world 
And the mountain high.

And the happy lake 
Reflected all 
While the others hurried to explain 
"Twas the mountain's fault - 
He gave the call 
But we'll never mistake again!"

"Why blackguards you! 
You cheating lot!" 
The angry mountain cried.

But the birds twittered 
The lake rippled 
And the Sun 
Quite sunnily smiled.
 Image result for sunrise dawn  paintings
 Seascape -- Kim Stenberg

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