Monday, October 16, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

The Night Is Almost Over
The night is almost over, 
During which I’ve been awake 
Unquantifiable wee hours.
It’s been a challenge to placate
Unrest in bod’ and soul,
Think things to do without a wrestle with my all,
Discover parts to focus on,
Breathe out and in,
Shepherding bad thought away from sin.

A challenge to make time rewarding,
Night un-worrying with means
Intuitively gleaned.
By three or four,
Night nearly over,
One is sure
There have been dreams -
A second’s worth of night-worked themes.
(Perhaps two minutes, maybe three.
I’ve patently no memory
Unawake, unaware,
All simple cognizance not there)

I’ll be ok when morning comes,
Stomach craving nutriments.
There will be toast, cheese, milky coffee
Brought in by hubby
With me glad the light took over.
 Image result for insomnia painting
 Insomnia -- Barna Fazakas

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