Monday, October 23, 2017

Kabir Deb writes


Never judge me 
A nude picture has a history
Wherein the undefined body gets definition 
Sets an outline for the whole world 
To make the introvert an extrovert
The past life is the same 
Everyone has the opportunity to look 
Some interpret it with an open mind 
Because thousands walk with the same motive 
While others interpret it like a smog 
Seeing it with millions of arrows firing together 
Judging the present on the basis of the past
Time changes for reasons explained 
12 to 1 to 2 to 3, the clock runs for nature to live 
Emotions live in the same way 
With limited amount of air to breathe 
When one runs away, the emotions fade like a flower
Deeply saddened by the arrival of monsoon 
You, yes you, the one who is reading this poem 
You have a past life which is full of light 
Of different wavelengths marking their territory 
Or it is by chance comprised of dark ink
Splattered over the page of life, like a leaked refill 
Did I ask you of your past life? 
Maybe I know what you went through 
But did I ask you, how did you dare to proceed? 
You should live in the page that has ink splattered 
No, I didn't ask, for I know life isn't a single page
It is a novel full of emotions of different genres
Life is a clock which has the nature to change 
When the other hand breaks you apart 
Today, I shall ask, "How did you interpret my present
With the help of the past that ate me up?" 
Your life isn't a book, but mine is
I don't like to bathe over and over 
With the ink I once bathed, like a pest 
I love to bathe with water for I am living 
Let me live. 
 Nude Ink Drawing - Noctis No. 8 by Mark M  Mellon
 Noctis No. 8 -- Mark M Mellon

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  1. Noctis means "of the night" and is derived from the Latin "nox" (night). The "jus primae noctis" was the alleged "law of the first night" which gave the lord of an estate the right to end the virginity of new brides.


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