Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dorin Popa writes


your unsteady feet, with indefinite

faltering forms
have built defiant columns inside me

you come to me
on the arm of a stranger
and your nights of love
are my nights

when I first met you
you were wearing the sign I expected
you were wearing in wonder that sign
through which, once I united myself with you

irritated, you put me at the pillory
but your eyes, all in tears, were surreptitiously calling me
softly and ambiguously they talked to me
and I was thrilled to hear
that, suddenly, someone inside me was rejecting you
someone angry, frightened, dispossessed

that same night I saw
how the hand which was rejecting you touched you
and the mouth cursing you, wanted to taste you
later, much later
I’ll hide myself
from you
in your arms

[Ansiedad is Spanish for anxiety]
 In your arms by eddiecalz
In Your Arms -- Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

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