Saturday, October 14, 2017

Scott Thomas Outlar writes

On to the Next

when you come 
to the last page
of a notebook
it is more difficult
to write thirty-three lines
than it was
to write the previous sixty-nine pages.
Why is this, you wonder?
Probably because
the next notebook
is already set out beside you
waiting for its turn,
so you know
that even when you finish
this last poem
there will be more
blue-lined, white pages
calling for ink.
Sometimes it feels
like they might as well
be calling for blood.
Other times it is easy,
and the last line
of one notebook
runs right into
the first line of the next.
But once it is over
and you’ve laced all the lines
with thoughts from your
streaming consciousness,
you feel good for a brief moment.
And then it is on to the next…
 Image result for last page painting
 Last Page -- Denica Todorova
Image result for last page painting
Last Page II -- Denica Todorova

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