Friday, October 13, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

     (a Friday Day)
No numerologist, astrologist,
No any-ist assisting.
But, the digit thirteen’s
Ill-starred, unpropitious,
Ill-fated, inauspicious;
Yet, dear Duane,
Not to sound too saccharine
This Scorpio’s become attached
To numbers thirteen
And now, sixty-nine.

Sixty-nine will grow, we know,
But thirteen will remain
The same.
So when you reach the Hall of Fame
Apprise them all of aspects fine:
Aspects that entitle Duane:
Great on-liner and one liner,
Quipper to his fingertip(s),
Lyricist, site designer,
So, and so, and friend of mine.

With Friday as a double whammy,
Ill-starred day be damned,
Enjoy the happiest of birthdays
Mr Duane Vorhees. 
Of Admirer(s)
And Representative
 First Chosen,
Arlene Nover Council Corwin.

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