Monday, October 26, 2015

Vernon Mooers writes

Botong Reservoir

Jin dal lai bushes burst their soft pink blossoms
Yellow gaynari golden bells laugh in the trees.
Cherry trees float their rich white petals
at dusk the carp and snakeheads break.
The sun calmly sets like a curtain
pulled across the backdrop hills.
Red-headed woodpeckers tap pines like drummers
fishermen reap their nets and lay out again.
Through the bullrushes their boat sinks slowly
herons and white-naped cranes stand sentry still.
On the mountain the La Vie D’or stares empty
dim lights in the fog from Dracula’s castle.
The ducks flap low over the surface of the lake
the humming sound of wings echoing their flight.
The horse neighs
from the shadow
of the baeksong tree.

1 comment:

  1. The Botong reservoir and the nearby resort La Vie D'or, designed in the style of olden Europe, which remind Vernon of vampire castles, are located south od Seoul. The mountains in the spring explode with cherry blossoms, azaleas (jin dal lai), and forsythia (gaynari) among the white pines.


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