Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tom Sterner writes and shoots

~wind shouter~

~into her evening tides~

~younger than morning~

~delivered on dusty wings~

~arms of the wind~

~its mortal voice a howling thing~

~awful & wondrous chaos~

~exciting birds to rise~

~on sleeping wings of dawn~

~great sweeping shadows~

~joyously aroused~

~breaking stride across morning~

~writing messages in wind-speak~

~rustling trees’ shaggy heads~

~to wakefulness sifting~

~sighs of leaf children~

~sweetness in celebration~

~the mountain & its person~

~a rage of wanton whimsy~

~prelude to ever-seek~

~each later peaceful step~

~prayers on the bottoms of feet~

~speak to a wandering path~

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