Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peace Meal

…That night we dined. We had port and escargot

       and music,                      and the candles kissed the wine, the

WE                           *I                 way

       WERE                   *tried        one

REFUGEES                          *to  would                                                the

        WEIGHING --minds not on *hold or cargo,                          rosebud

              INTO  (the)                   pearls*her                                      parted,

                     (PORT)                     or           *eyes                       blossomed,

                   (pearled)  FROM       fine                  *in                           grew

                           (on)               CHINA.                     *mine.

                          (her)                                           OR                        toward

   Fine food our (lips) barely touched--     SOME                                   the

                         (like)                   OTHER                                               sun

                        (dew)               FAR                                                           in

                           (on) WHERE.                                                                 my

                (rosebuds,)                  Words chilled                                        eyes,

(like rain on shipsail)                      in the air.                                        kissed

      (as from her port)                   Finely she said: we’re through.             the

              (she slipped)                                                                                  sun, And cried.

And I cried too.                                   And then we left, as diners do
                                                                          when they are finished.

--Duane Vorhees

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