Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soulistic Poet writes

Bass, Alto, Treble, and Soprano

I swear I want nothing more
Than for us to harmonize
I’m desperate for you to see
The pulsating bass in my eyes
Just so you can catch the rhythm
Of the tears I cry at nights
And wipe them away
Before they make hazy
And blur love’s true sight

I dream of your alto lips
Perfect whispers, sweet and low
Giving me hopes of a tune of love
That makes my darkened heart glow
Kind of like
The story I heard as a child
When love helped the grinch’s heart grow
I believe if you sing with me
We will make music that soulfully flows

Don’t tell me you don’t feel the treble
From the butterflies in our core
I know they fly in unison
And baby I just want more
I’m convinced what we have here
Is nothing like we’ve had before
Broken hearts
And lonely souls
Seek diligently for this kind of love that cures

Baby I know you hear my truth
As it sings from the depths of my being
Follow the rivers of my soprano notes
As it releases all I’m feeling
I never thought
The day would come
I would find music I could truly believe in
So baby please lay your lyrics on my beat
And harmonize with each breath we’re breathing

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