Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jennifer Sage writes

Undying Immortal Perspective

She laughs at the tales of Mortal breath,
As if, with the short shift of time they could comprehend,
Uncrossing her creamy expanse of thighs...the wind shivers on all the planes of earth... and she tries to ponder from a human’s eyes...
The meaning of ‘undying love’.

Professed carelessly, unknowing its depth, reaching down far into the caverns of the soul...
The way it rocks, humming, vibrating with each delicious, resonate sound,
So careless it’s assumed,
Not easily found.

The cotton shift falls to the stones beneath her feet as if clouds were spun in their making,
She stands, resolute in her nakedness, staring at her pools of sight...
Images grace her immortal eyes, none of them profound....
Until one.

Stopping the immortal pools she watches, a nonexistent breath caught in her ethereal throat.... 
Watching as the shivering, trembling mass of divinity lay in human form,
A tear falls from the human's eye...
Obliterated with sensation, overcome with pleasure as he runs his fingertips upon her back.


Sitting, watching, overcome with fascination...she looks on,
Hair drenched, falling down the mortal’s back as she rises and falls, holding on to the chest of the male beneath...
His eyes on fire as he watches her impaling herself...
Pleasure spiking through the wind.

Deeper, harder, silk love and fire permeating the room....
Moans as the volume turns up...incoherent even to the ears of a Goddess,
An arm reaches around her back, holding her firmly as his mouth closes on her arched back in response and nails on flesh...
Constant motion, swaying deeper, further together.


To her knees the Goddess bows low, nearly tasting the water's edge,
Sweat glistens, lightly listening to the music of the night, specifically theirs,
Motions, not unlike the water shifting to and fro....flesh squeezed in a panic of forevermore.... 
Time, for these two, is non-existent in their love.

Building pressure felt worlds away, watched from these distant pools makes water run warm and sweet between her thighs,
Eyes glued, she can’t look away as the tremors build...a scream forming on the lips of sated desire a lifetime in the making...
Eruptions begin, the girl falls helplessly upon his heaving chest...he whispers as she collapses, but not with his shattered flesh...with his soul.
Trembling, empowered by this eclipse of love...witnessed by her divine eyes as she stands shivering from above.
So...this...she undying love. 


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