Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju writes

jagua sells



if you see my sister
with the foxy eyes…

tell her she is the fading music
of her filthy passions of many pipers

her anatomy is a chronicle of dirt.

if you see my sister
the fish monger…

do tell her…
her net of fish looms
a baneful break without mend…


(present day)

jagua sells…

she is the commodity
everywhere you go…

the commodity that sells commodity

she sells to dogs and harries
gets laid by family and friends
per-hour billings…

low -tariff…
local and international

she sells, fairs and flushes.



passers-by say
you said my nose is nosy…

for I beckon your redemption
in my kindness of poetry

jagua, my euphemism
is a monochrome of yellow

a yellow card!

this raiding referee
called life

flags only a red card!

Geniculata and Genipa.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Jagua is a fruit (Genipa Americana) whose berry extract is used for temporary skin tattooing. In the British islands of the West Indies, the plant was called the marmalade box. The designs on the skin appear blue/black and resemble real tattoos, which are permanent. The stain lasts a week or two but one gradually fades as the skin exfoliates. Hence, the target of this barbed is "fading music,"
    Furthermore, in many sports referees flash a yellow card to impose a temporary suspension of a player for violating the rules (a red card is a permanent penalty),


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