Monday, October 26, 2015

Robert J. Fouser writes

Natalie Joy

Natalie Joy, little Miss Energy, ready to go, demolition crew full on. One night, the moon dropped down, gave you a kiss and took you away. That cold cruel moon, I will never forgive, but you, Natalie my Joy, I will always remember. Squeeze my nose, and I'll give you a kiss! Reach for my glasses, and I'll kiss you again! We know how to have fun, opening books, piling up blocks, playing with threads. What? Is that the cruel moon I see? No, it's the light of Natalie Joy, big brown eyes and all, smiling down on me, showing me the way and warming my heart -- tonight and forever.

[I wrote this poem in loving memory of my two-year old niece who died suddenly in her sleep in March 2007. Her name was Natalie Joy Adamo. -- RJF] 

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