Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adesola Oladoja writes

The Patient Dog
Once I came across a dog
Panting before a puddle
By our side a narrow path
The dog was not befuddled
For it stood apart
Its message was clear
Rang louder than sirens
Have your way o human
I thought at the sense
It bothers my man
I smiled and took the lane
Not until I had my way
Did it start its ply
I wish I could give it a pat
Know not what that would imply
But that act on my heart sat
For that dog has shown me
The greatest lesson
I need for a while
How to deal with persons
Even when I rile
Make my humble stand
Go along with a smile
Be  longsuffering
Let peace have its way
And do nothing but remember
The fattest bone in all seasons
Still belongs to the patient dog

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