Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jake Cosmos Aller writes

One Night In Bombay

One night
In Bombay, India

I walked into a bar
20 drinks too sober

On the wrong end
Of a Friday night booze run

On the bad side
Of the Moon

Over by where the Martians
Sat drinking their Martian whisky
Ogling the maidens from Venus

Leering at the earth women
Who were walking by

Wearing skin tight pants
Made their eyeballs hurt

I gave into the spirit
Went over to the Martian dudes

And got drunk on the Martian madness
Smoking some good old Mars dust

And flew off to the planet Jupiter
Just to have me some fun

With a lady
Said she was from Saturn

I did not know
She was from the planet Pluto

Until I woke up
The next day

Naked, under the alien Sun
In Jail

On the Planet Alpha Centauri
Light years from home

A million miles away
A thousand years in the future
And I had no money

No honey
And no way home

Still 20 drinks too sober

So I sat down
In that jail
And started drinking away my time

And so one day
I woke up

And found myself
Back in that evil bar
Back in Bombay

Over by the Martian whorehouse
Down by the Gate of India

And I walked up to the Venus babe
And said, man that was some bad shit
Let's do it again some day

She smiled and I had my way
Knew the day would come again

When I would be drinking with the Martians
And something wicked my way would come

Just another night
Of wicked fun
On the wrong side of the Moon

On the right night
In the mean streets of Bombay

Gateway of India, Bombay, 1911

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