Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ajarn Wu Hsih writes

A Veil

As long as the spells of time, space
Delude the gullibles as rats in race.
Wars will go on within human race.

Believing that one fights for a cause.
Each to his demise without a pause.
His charges like those of a blind horse.

Such is the design of life a veil.
It starts, ends inside a triangular jail.
No one is exempted, yet all shall prevail.

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  1. The MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) is a 27-story jail in downtown Chicago. The architect, Harry Weese, used a triangular design to create easy sight-lines for the guards inside and also keeps the building pushed back from the street. A tall hedge between the sidewalk and the plaza in front of the jail isolates the building from its surroundings, and the elevated train blocks much of the view of the upper floors. The windows are without bars but narrow (5 inches) to prevent escape and beveled out to funnel natural light inside.


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