Saturday, October 31, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes


In every dawn 
I rise up putting the sun
In my front pocket 
Train the mind 
Light the fresh fires to burn
Fasten the smiles of a child
Live for the day without dying
I bury down the dark memories 
Nail the half known faces of 
My mortal relations 
Outside of the courtyard 
Fresh petals of roses 
Collect my tears 
Immunize my feelings 
With aromatic compassion 
No aches no pains 
Innocently I rejoice 
The conspiring minds and garbage of thoughts 
I come across on my way 
Frightening noise and musics 
Come out to break my day
But I remain deaf to my surroundings
Walk with the sun In my pockets
Explore the streets of sunrise 
Enter into the world precious 
Silently with my feelings where 
I could address 
Without pressure and pains
All my dreams I could live
Poetry of delights I could write 
After every sunset.

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