Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saikat Gupta Majumdar writes

A Joyful Return

‘Naughty’ the word nothing new to Rony 
As mom often tells him, 
An in 'disciplined boy’ 
Is a very common phase 
As dad’s rebuking stands a regular theme.

This Rony one day found missing 
Leaving Anxiety and sorrow for all 
The day comes to an end and night appears 
But he keeps all in tears 
And does not come home after all.

Another fruitless day passes 
Letting the parents be worried 
Making them feel too, 
That their child may be naughty but dearest indeed.

Next morning a letter found in the doorstep 
After the door suddenly bailed  
It states that Rony is very near somewhere 
But the name and address withheld.

With the passing of few minutes 
As the door bell rings twice 
Dad rushes towards excitedly enough 
And mom follows him likewise.


The surprise awaits outside 
On their dear’s face with smile 
His hiding in friend’s house remains no matter 
And the rejoice makes speechless for a while.

Rony has been hardly scolded again 
Whether by his ‘Dad’ or his ‘Mom’ 
And happily spends all the day, 
His naughtiness stays no more 
All say he's a decent boy 
Passing their days in utter gay.

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