Saturday, March 21, 2020

John Tustin writes


(Tonight my heart is dark
And in need
Of a blanket made of snow.)

I know that it is snowing where you are now.
It’s so warm here and everyone around me
Tells me how lucky we all are
To not be where you are
As I drink beer after beer
To douse the pain in my left forearm
And my right shoulder
From the repetitiveness of the workday.
I miss the snow
And how the world around us would slow down
Then stand still for a moment
Except for the snow looking pristine
As it fell and accumulated under uncaring streetlamps.
I liked so much when the world slowed down a moment
When you were with me.
I liked so much when the snow fell
As we ate dinner and listened to music,
Made love and then slept back to back as the wind tried
To come in through the windows
But could not.
I know that it is snowing where you are now.
I miss the snow, how it would look perfect and glistening at night
Before the cars and people would molest its dominance
Upon the street of the night
When morning rose.
I miss the snow much the way I miss
Hearing you sigh in your sleep
The few nights I was lucky enough
To lie beside you,
Dreams being something in those nights

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