Saturday, March 21, 2020

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo & Jonathan Aquino write

The River’s Ebb and Flow

When I see a river ...
I think of two rivers ...
 not Tigris and Euphrates ..
 but one boat on two streams

The water that flows freely
Symbolizes life that goes on continuously
Its beautiful ebb and flow
Caught up in circles but always brings a larger tomorrow.

I took a raft and tried to row
yet the raging waters beckons so,
but not to where I want to go
I'm on a ride, carried by the tides. 

The rhythmic sound the river water makes
A melodramatic scene when a leaf falls from a fragile branch of a tree,
And is carried away by the running water as if escaping its reality
While way up above, the sky meets the charismatic shadow of my reflection.

I want to go not where the river is going,
there's are places upstream I want to see,
and this is mammon's lot, to keep struggling,
then, in a blinding moment, I had a epiphany.

At night time, the river may seem still and emotionless
But its tranquility echoes even in the darkness
As the stars in the moonlit sky bathes in their own images on the water
In the depths of deafening silence, the flow of time goes inevitably.

Just let go, a voice said, as if I heard that,
there is something telling me I know not what,
Let go of the oar, it said, and, perhaps I'm mad,
to hear a voice, and a fool to believe it is right.

The river teaches us the art of holding on and letting go,
But it also sends a subtle message of just going with the flow
For if we force our way against the strong current
We may stumble at the wrong direction and hurt ourselves in the end.

This river had seen all centuries past,
and will also see all the ages to come,
our lives is but a ripple in her surface,
and she will remain, forever, beyond time.

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